Natural Stone can be more difficult to restore. Due to its high porosity it easily gets dirty and stained.

Sometimes pressure washing alone will not restore the natural stone to its former glory, as there will be black spots or green staining left behind on the slabs. This is why we also use the soft washing method on natural stone after pressure washing. This process is repeated until all black spots and organic staining have died and disappeared.

Due to our knowledge and expertise we can get superb results when cleaning natural stones such as black slate, Indian sandstone, granite and marble.

We also recommend sealing the stone with a natural stone sealer to decrease the porosity and slow down any growth of mosses and algae which will stain the stone in the long run.

Black Marks on Patio slabs
Patio Cleaning Kensington
Patio Cleaning in SOuth West London
Black spot removal from patio
Soft washing and Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning and softwashing London
Patio Cleaning using soft washing
Patio cleaning removing black spot