K-rend Cleaning and Other Coloured Render Cleaning

Cleaning any Render using the wrong methods or materials can leave irreversible damage to the surface, it is always best to hire a specialist render cleaning company that know the correct method of restoring the surface without causing any damage.

External walls of properties in London can show all signs of weathering and colour distortion from pollution damage , but don’t worry we have the correct procedures and equipment to restore rendered walls to their former glory.

We can remove algae, moss and pollution staining from a building façade by using the correct surface cleaner as well as LOW PRESSURE cleaning methods.

We use specialist surface cleaners such as the formulated BIOWASH to clean surfaces , the product contains algae and moss killers and the solution quickly kills all signs of biological growth, ensuring the rendered walls can be SOFT WASHED down after treatment. We also use the same method to safely clean concrete and cement walls as well as cladding.