Jet Washing in London

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Pressure Pros Key service is restoring surfaces using high pressured water, also known as JET WASHING.

We use top of the range equipment combined with years of training, experience and know how to be able to get the best restoration results possible when jet cleaning a range of different surfaces.

Our fleet of vehicles are all fitted with petrol or diesel jet washing units which operate at a minimum of 3500psi or 200 bar

we also use hot water to achieve even better results where possible.

Jet Washing the Capital City of London

We are proud to be based in London and to be able to make a positive impact on the appearance and cleanliness of our Capitals streets and buildings. From Pavements to Sky Scraperas our cleaning methods can help remove carbon staining , pollui=tion , general dirt and grime and organic growths such as moss.

Jet Washing in London

Pressure Washing in London

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Looking for Pressure washing London?

Pressure Pros are one of London’s Top Pressure washing companies. Based in the London Borough of Harrow in North West London our company provide a wide range of external cleaning services, our key service is Jet washing. We operate a fleet of mobile pressure washing vehicles which are fitted with industrial spec jet washing equipment and also carrying our own water supply

Pressure Pros- Pressure Washing London Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with the top equipment so our teams can achieve the best results

We can clean and restore a range of different surfaces safely using high pressured water jets in a controlled manor.

Surfaces we can clean include;

Buildings and structures

Roofs and cladding

Driveways and Patios

Footpaths and public highways

Pathways, Walkways and Slipways

If there is no water source on site we obtain licenses from the local water authority to use wash out bays in the street.

All our staff are city and Guild trained and we are members of the water jetting association.



Drive Cleaning in Harrow

Driveway Cleaning Harrow

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Pressure Pros are a professional Pressure washing company based in Harrow

We provide mobile pressure washing, specialising in Driveway and Patio Cleaning in Harrow , Brent ,Barnet, Hillingdon ,Ealing and the surrounding boroughs.

Our equipment is top of the range we  have hot water machines that can achieve the best possible results in the quickest times.

Call 0207 965 7370 now for your free quote